Source code for steamship.plugin.outputs.train_plugin_output

from __future__ import annotations

from steamship.plugin.outputs.plugin_output import PluginOutput

[docs] class TrainPluginOutput(PluginOutput): """ This is the object produced by a completed trainable operation, stored as the `output` field of a `train` task. """ # The PluginInstance ID being trained plugin_instance_id: str = None # This should always represent the most recent snapshot of the model in Steamship # It is the output of ModelCheckpoint.archive_path_in_steamship archive_path: str = None # Arbitrary key-valued data to provide to the `run` method when this plugin is Run. inference_params: dict = None # Arbitrary key-valued data to provide information about training status or training results. training_progress: dict = None # For tracking the progress (e.g. 3 / 40 epochs completed) training_results: dict = None # For tracking accuracy (e.g. f1=0.8)