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from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional, Union, cast

from pydantic import Field

from steamship import Block
from steamship.base.client import Client
from steamship.base.error import SteamshipError
from steamship.base.model import CamelModel
from steamship.base.tasks import Task
from import EmbeddedItem, EmbeddingIndex, QueryResult, QueryResults
from import PluginInstance
from import Tag

[docs] class EmbedderInvocation(CamelModel): """The parameters capable of creating/fetching an Embedder (Tagger) Plugin Instance.""" plugin_handle: str instance_handle: Optional[str] = None config: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None version: Optional[str] = None fetch_if_exists: bool = True
[docs] class SearchResult(CamelModel): """A single scored search result -- which is always a tag. This class is intended to eventually replace the QueryResult object currently used with the Embedding layer.""" tag: Optional[Tag] = None score: Optional[float] = None
[docs] @staticmethod def from_query_result(query_result: QueryResult, client: Client) -> "SearchResult": hit = query_result.value value = hit.metadata or {} # To make this change Python-only, some fields are stached in `hit.metadata`. # This has the temporary consequence of these keys not being safe. This will be resolved when we spread # this refactor to the engine. block_id = None if "_block_id" in value: block_id = value.get("_block_id") del value["_block_id"] file_id = None if "_file_id" in value: file_id = value.get("_file_id") del value["_file_id"] tag_id = None if "_tag_id" in value: tag_id = value.get("_tag_id") del value["_tag_id"] tag = Tag( client=client,, kind=hit.external_type, name=hit.external_id, block_id=block_id, tag_id=tag_id, file_id=file_id, text=hit.value, value=value, ) return SearchResult(tag=tag, score=query_result.score)
[docs] class SearchResults(CamelModel): """Results of a search operation -- which is always a list of ranked tag. This class is intended to eventually replace the QueryResults object currently used with the Embedding layer. TODO: add in paging support.""" items: List[SearchResult] = None
[docs] @staticmethod def from_query_results(query_results: QueryResults, client: Client) -> "SearchResults": items = [ SearchResult.from_query_result(qr, client=client) for qr in query_results.items or [] ] return SearchResults(items=items)
[docs] def to_ranked_blocks(self) -> List[Block]: blocks = [] if not self.items: return blocks for result in self.items: tag = result.tag blocks.append(Block.get(tag.client, tag.block_id)) return blocks
[docs] class EmbeddingIndexPluginInstance(PluginInstance): """A persistent, read-optimized index over embeddings. This is currently implemented as an object which behaves like a PluginInstance even though it isn't from an implementation perspective on the back-end. """ embedder: PluginInstance = Field(None, exclude=True) index: EmbeddingIndex = Field(None, exclude=True)
[docs] def reset(self): self.index.delete() self.index = EmbeddingIndex.create( client=self.client, handle=self.handle, embedder_plugin_instance_handle=self.embedder.handle, fetch_if_exists=False, )
[docs] def delete(self): """Delete the EmbeddingIndexPluginInstnace. For now, we will have this correspond to deleting the `index` but not the `embedder`. This is likely a temporary design. """ return self.index.delete()
[docs] def insert(self, tags: Union[Tag, List[Tag]], allow_long_records: bool = False): """Insert tags into the embedding index.""" # Make a list if a single tag was provided if isinstance(tags, Tag): tags = [tags] for tag in tags: if not tag.text: raise SteamshipError( message="Please set the `text` field of your Tag before inserting it into an index." ) # Now we need to prepare an EmbeddingIndexItem of a particular shape that encodes the tag. metadata = tag.value or {} if not isinstance(metadata, dict): raise SteamshipError( "Only Tags with a dict or None value can be embedded. " + f"This tag had a value of type: {type(tag.value)}" ) # To make this change Python-only, some fields are stashed in `hit.metadata`. # This has the temporary consequence of these keys not being safe. This will be resolved when we spread # this refactor to the engine. metadata["_file_id"] = tag.file_id metadata["_tag_id"] = metadata["_block_id"] = tag.block_id tag.value = metadata embedded_items = [ EmbeddedItem( value=tag.text,, external_type=tag.kind, metadata=tag.value, ) for tag in tags ] # We always reindex in this new style; to not do so is to expose details (when embedding occurs) we'd rather # not have users exercise control over. self.index.insert_many(embedded_items, reindex=True, allow_long_records=allow_long_records)
[docs] def search(self, query: str, k: Optional[int] = None) -> Task[SearchResults]: """Search the embedding index. This wrapper implementation simply projects the `Hit` data structure into a `Tag` """ if query is None or len(query.strip()) == 0: raise SteamshipError(message="Query field must be non-empty.") # Metadata will always be included; this is the equivalent of Tag.value wrapped_result =, k=k, include_metadata=True) # For now, we'll have to do this synchronously since we're trying to avoid changing things on the engine. wrapped_result.wait() # We're going to do a switcheroo on the output type of Task here. search_results = SearchResults.from_query_results(wrapped_result.output, client=self.client) wrapped_result.output = search_results # Return the index's search result, but projected into the data structure of Tags return cast(Task[SearchResults], wrapped_result)
[docs] @staticmethod def create( client: Any, plugin_id: str = None, plugin_handle: str = None, plugin_version_id: str = None, plugin_version_handle: str = None, handle: str = None, fetch_if_exists: bool = True, config: Dict[str, Any] = None, ) -> "EmbeddingIndexPluginInstance": """Create a class that simulates an embedding index re-implemented as a PluginInstance.""" # Perform a manual config validation check since the configuration isn't actually being sent up to the Engine. # In this case, an embedding index has special behavior which is to instantiate/fetch an Embedder that it can use. if "embedder" not in config: raise SteamshipError( message="Config key missing. Please include a field named `embedder` with type `EmbedderInvocation`." ) # Just for pydantic validation. embedder_invocation = EmbedderInvocation.parse_obj(config["embedder"]) # Create the embedder embedder = client.use_plugin(**embedder_invocation.dict()) embedder.wait_for_init() # Create the index index = EmbeddingIndex.create( client=client, handle=handle, embedder_plugin_instance_handle=embedder.handle, fetch_if_exists=fetch_if_exists, ) # Now return the plugin wrapper return EmbeddingIndexPluginInstance( client=client,, handle=index.handle, index=index, embedder=embedder )