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import json
from enum import Enum
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Type, Union

from pydantic import BaseModel, StrictBool, StrictFloat, StrictInt, StrictStr

from steamship.base.error import SteamshipError

[docs] class ConfigParameterType(str, Enum): NUMBER = "number" STRING = "string" BOOLEAN = "boolean"
[docs] @staticmethod def from_python_type(t: Type): if issubclass(t, str): return ConfigParameterType.STRING elif issubclass(t, bool): # bool is a subclass of int, so must do this first! return ConfigParameterType.BOOLEAN elif issubclass(t, float) or issubclass(t, int): return ConfigParameterType.NUMBER else: raise SteamshipError(f"Unknown value type in Config: {t}")
[docs] class ConfigParameter(BaseModel): type: ConfigParameterType description: Optional[str] = None # optional: Optional[bool] = None # Use strict so that Pydantic doesn't coerce values into the first one that fits default: Optional[Union[StrictStr, StrictBool, StrictFloat, StrictInt]] = None
[docs] class DeployableType(str, Enum): PLUGIN = "plugin" PACKAGE = "package"
[docs] class SteamshipRegistry(BaseModel): tagline: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 tagline2: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 usefulFor: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 videoUrl: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 githubUrl: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 demoUrl: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 blogUrl: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 jupyterUrl: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 authorGithub: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 authorName: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 authorEmail: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 authorTwitter: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 authorUrl: Optional[str] # noqa: N815 tags: List[str]
[docs] class PluginConfig(BaseModel): isTrainable: Optional[bool] = False # noqa: N815 transport: str = "jsonOverHttp" type: str # Does not use PluginType due to circular import streaming: bool = False
[docs] class Manifest(BaseModel): type: DeployableType handle: str version: str description: Optional[str] author: Optional[str] entrypoint: str = "Unused" public: bool plugin: Optional[PluginConfig] build_config: Dict[str, List[str]] = {"ignore": []} configTemplate: Optional[Dict[str, ConfigParameter]] # noqa: N815 steamshipRegistry: SteamshipRegistry # noqa: N815
[docs] @staticmethod def load_manifest() -> "Manifest": return Manifest.parse_file("steamship.json", content_type="application/json")
[docs] def save(self): with open("steamship.json", "w") as file: json.dump(self.dict(), file, indent="\t")
[docs] def config_template_as_dict(self): result = {} for param, spec in self.configTemplate.items(): result[param] = {k: v for k, v in spec.dict().items() if v is not None} return result