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from __future__ import annotations

from enum import Enum
from typing import Any, List, Optional, Type, Union

import requests
from pydantic import BaseModel, Field

from steamship import MimeTypes, SteamshipError
from steamship.base.client import Client
from steamship.base.mime_types import STEAMSHIP_PREFIX
from steamship.base.model import CamelModel
from steamship.base.request import DeleteRequest, IdentifierRequest, Request
from steamship.base.response import Response
from import Tag
from import ChatTag, DocTag, RoleTag, TagValueKey
from import get_tag_value_key

[docs] class BlockQueryRequest(Request): tag_filter_query: str
[docs] class BlockUploadType(str, Enum): FILE = "file" # A file uploaded as bytes or a string BLOCKS = "blocks" # Blocks are sent to create a file URL = "url" # content will be fetched from a URL NONE = "none" # No upload; plain text only.
[docs] class StreamState(str, Enum): STARTED = "started" # A producer has begun streaming to this block. COMPLETE = "complete" # The producer has finished streaming to this block successfully. ABORTED = "aborted" # The producer finished streaming to the block, but there was an error.
[docs] class Block(CamelModel): """A Block is a chunk of content within a File. It can be plain text content, image content, video content, etc. If the content is not text, the text value may be the empty string for backwards compatibility. """ client: Client = Field(None, exclude=True) id: str = None file_id: str = None text: str = None tags: Optional[List[Tag]] = [] index_in_file: Optional[int] = Field(alias="index") mime_type: Optional[MimeTypes] public_data: bool = False stream_state: Optional[StreamState] = None request_id: Optional[str] = None """The Steamship request ID associated with the creation of this block.""" url: Optional[ str ] = None # Only for creation of blocks; used to fetch content from a public URL. content_url: Optional[ str ] = None # For overriding the URL of the raw data for ephemeral blocks. Setting this will have no effect upload_type: Optional[ BlockUploadType ] = None # for returning Blocks as the result of a generate request upload_bytes: Optional[ bytes ] = None # ONLY for returning Blocks as the result of a generate request. Will not be set when receiving blocks from the server. See raw()
[docs] class ListRequest(Request): file_id: str = None
[docs] class ListResponse(Response): blocks: List[Block] = []
[docs] @classmethod def parse_obj(cls: Type[BaseModel], obj: Any) -> BaseModel: # TODO (enias): This needs to be solved at the engine side obj = obj["block"] if "block" in obj else obj return super().parse_obj(obj)
[docs] @staticmethod def get( client: Client, _id: str = None, ) -> Block: return "block/get", IdentifierRequest(id=_id), expect=Block, )
[docs] @staticmethod def create( client: Client, file_id: str, text: str = None, tags: List[Tag] = None, content: Union[str, bytes] = None, url: Optional[str] = None, mime_type: Optional[MimeTypes] = None, public_data: bool = False, streaming: Optional[bool] = None, ) -> Block: """ Create a new Block within a File specified by file_id. You can create a Block in several ways: - Providing raw text as the text parameter; - Providing the content of the block as string or bytes; - Providing a publicly accessible URL where the content is stored. """ if content is not None and url is not None: raise SteamshipError("May provide content or URL, but not both when creating a Block") if content is not None: upload_type = BlockUploadType.FILE elif url is not None: upload_type = BlockUploadType.URL else: upload_type = BlockUploadType.NONE req = { "fileId": file_id, "text": text, "tags": [t.dict(by_alias=True) for t in tags] if tags else [], "url": url, "mimeType": mime_type, "uploadType": upload_type, "publicData": public_data, "streaming": streaming, } file_data = ( ("file-part", content, "multipart/form-data") if upload_type == BlockUploadType.FILE else None ) return "block/create", req, expect=Block, file=file_data, )
[docs] def delete(self) -> Block: return "block/delete", DeleteRequest(, expect=Tag, )
[docs] @staticmethod def query( client: Client, tag_filter_query: str, ) -> BlockQueryResponse: req = BlockQueryRequest(tag_filter_query=tag_filter_query) res = "block/query", payload=req, expect=BlockQueryResponse, ) return res
[docs] def index(self, embedding_plugin_instance: Any = None): """Index this block.""" tags = [ Tag( text=self.text, file_id=self.file_id,, kind="block", start_idx=0, end_idx=len(self.text), ) ] return embedding_plugin_instance.insert(tags)
[docs] def raw(self): if self.content_url is not None: return requests.get(self.content_url).content elif self.client is None or is None: # guard against transient block raw()s return None else: return "block/raw", payload={ "id":, }, raw_response=True, )
[docs] def set_public_data(self, public_data: bool): """Set the public_data flag on this Block. If this object already exists server-side, update the flag.""" self.public_data = public_data if self.client is not None and is not None: req = { "id":, "publicData": self.public_data, } return"block/update", payload=req, expect=Block)
[docs] def is_text(self) -> bool: """Return whether this is a text Block.""" return self.mime_type == MimeTypes.TXT or (self.mime_type is None and self.text)
[docs] def is_image(self): """Return whether this is an image Block.""" return self.mime_type in [MimeTypes.PNG, MimeTypes.JPG, MimeTypes.GIF, MimeTypes.TIFF]
[docs] def is_audio(self): """Return whether this is an audio Block.""" return self.mime_type in [ MimeTypes.MP3, MimeTypes.MP4_AUDIO, MimeTypes.WEBM_AUDIO, MimeTypes.WAV, MimeTypes.OGG_AUDIO, ]
[docs] def is_steamship_internal(self): return self.mime_type.startswith(STEAMSHIP_PREFIX)
[docs] def is_video(self): """Return whether this is a video Block.""" return self.mime_type in [MimeTypes.MP4_VIDEO, MimeTypes.WEBM_VIDEO, MimeTypes.OGG_VIDEO]
[docs] def to_public_url(self) -> str: """Return a public URL to access the Block's data.""" if self.public_data and self.client: # First choice: if the block is public, just return its public URL return f"{self.client.config.api_base}block/{}/raw" elif self.content_url: # Second choice: if block has a content_url assigned to it; just send that. return self.content_url elif self.client: # Last choice: send back a signed URL. Adding here but will need an Engine change. raise SteamshipError( message=f"Unable to create a signed URL for block id={}. Unimplemented in Engine." ) if not self.client: raise SteamshipError( message=f"Unable to create a public URL for block id={}. Client was absent." ) raise SteamshipError(message=f"Unable to create a public URL for block id={}.")
@property def raw_data_url(self) -> Optional[str]: """Return a URL at which the data content of this Block can be accessed. If public_data is True, this content can be accessed without an API key. """ if self.client is None or is None: # guard against invalid URLs return None return f"{self.client.config.api_base}block/{}/raw" @property def chat_role(self) -> Optional[RoleTag]: return get_tag_value_key( self.tags, TagValueKey.STRING_VALUE, kind=DocTag.CHAT, name=ChatTag.ROLE )
[docs] def set_chat_role(self, role: RoleTag): return self._one_time_set_tag( tag_kind=DocTag.CHAT, tag_name=ChatTag.ROLE, string_value=role.value )
@property def message_id(self) -> str: return get_tag_value_key( self.tags, TagValueKey.STRING_VALUE, kind=DocTag.CHAT, name=ChatTag.MESSAGE_ID )
[docs] def set_message_id(self, message_id: str): return self._one_time_set_tag( tag_kind=DocTag.CHAT, tag_name=ChatTag.MESSAGE_ID, string_value=message_id )
@property def chat_id(self) -> str: return get_tag_value_key( self.tags, TagValueKey.STRING_VALUE, kind=DocTag.CHAT, name=ChatTag.CHAT_ID )
[docs] def set_chat_id(self, chat_id: str): return self._one_time_set_tag( tag_kind=DocTag.CHAT, tag_name=ChatTag.CHAT_ID, string_value=chat_id )
[docs] def set_request_id(self, request_id: Optional[str]): if not request_id or len(request_id.strip()) == 0: return return self._one_time_set_tag( tag_kind="request-id", tag_name=request_id, string_value=request_id )
@property def thread_id(self) -> Optional[str]: return get_tag_value_key( self.tags, TagValueKey.STRING_VALUE, kind=DocTag.CHAT, name=ChatTag.THREAD_ID )
[docs] def set_thread_id(self, thread_id: str) -> None: return self._one_time_set_tag( tag_kind=DocTag.CHAT, tag_name=ChatTag.THREAD_ID, string_value=thread_id )
@property def user_id(self) -> Optional[str]: return get_tag_value_key( self.tags, TagValueKey.STRING_VALUE, kind=DocTag.CHAT, name=ChatTag.USER_ID )
[docs] def set_user_id(self, user_id: str) -> None: return self._one_time_set_tag( tag_kind=DocTag.CHAT, tag_name=ChatTag.USER_ID, string_value=user_id )
def _one_time_set_tag(self, tag_kind: str, tag_name: str, string_value: str): existing = get_tag_value_key( self.tags, TagValueKey.STRING_VALUE, kind=tag_kind, name=tag_name ) if existing is not None: if existing == string_value: return # No action necessary else: raise SteamshipError( message=f"Block {} already has an existing {tag_kind}/{tag_name} with value {existing}. Unable to set to {string_value}" ) if self.client and tag = Tag.create( self.client, file_id=self.file_id,, kind=tag_kind, name=tag_name, value={TagValueKey.STRING_VALUE: string_value}, ) else: tag = Tag( kind=tag_kind, name=tag_name, value={TagValueKey.STRING_VALUE: string_value}, ) self.tags.append(tag)
[docs] def as_llm_input(self, exclude_block_wrapper: Optional[bool] = False) -> str: if self.is_text(): return self.text else: identifier = if identifier is None: # attempt to handle ephemeral blocks from Action::to_chat_message identifier = self.text if exclude_block_wrapper: return f"{identifier}" return f"Block({identifier})"
[docs] def finish_stream(self): f"block/{}/finishStream", payload={}, )
[docs] def append_stream(self, bytes: bytes): f"block/{}/appendStream", payload=bytes, )
[docs] def abort_stream(self): f"block/{}/abortStream", payload={}, )
[docs] def is_block_id(value: str) -> bool: return value.startswith("Block(") and value.endswith(")")
[docs] class BlockQueryResponse(Response): blocks: List[Block]
Block.ListResponse.update_forward_refs() Block.update_forward_refs()