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"""Tool for generating images."""
from steamship import Steamship
from steamship.agents.llms import OpenAI
from import AudioGeneratorTool
from steamship.agents.utils import with_llm
from steamship.utils.repl import ToolREPL

[docs] class GenerateSpeechTool(AudioGeneratorTool): """Tool to generate audio from text.""" name: str = "GenerateSpokenAudio" human_description: str = "Generates spoken audio from text." agent_description: str = ( "Used to generate spoken audio from text prompts. Only use if the user has asked directly for a " "an audio version of output. When using this tool, the input should be a plain text string containing the " "content to be spoken." ) generator_plugin_handle: str = "elevenlabs"
if __name__ == "__main__": tool = GenerateSpeechTool() with Steamship.temporary_workspace() as client: ToolREPL(tool).run_with_client(client=client, context=with_llm(llm=OpenAI(client=client)))